Only “authentic” things will last. Nature/natural is “authentic”.

Toyoura is a town on the Sanin coast of Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefecture, sandwiched between a beautiful sea and green mountains where nature is abundantly present. This land was historically covered in light beige natural silica sand (crystal sand) and has been supplying high quality silica sand for many years.

Our company has been producing and selling the natural and authentic Toyoura Silica Sand at this location for over 65 years.

Since Toyoura Silica Sand is a natural silica sand with extremely rare properties that are unparalleled, our company has husbanded the resource and aimed at a sustainable business, to the extent possible with a natural resource, to ensure a stable supply of Toyoura Silica Sand to our customers and avoid the destruction of nature.

August 1st 2021
    New price of JPY 17,600 becomes applicable.
June 28th 2021
    Old cheaper price for July orders andreservations
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